Flexing BICEP

Flexing BICEP

In the prior Hogwash Blog we accused Victor Stenger of arguing for the Scientific Realist inventing 10500 unreachable universes, bolstered by Stenger, Max Tegmark, & others with tenuous arguments about CMB Anisotropy. Having there criticized this as “special pleading in Atheist argument against Theists”, we pause to look at that “tenuous” argument criticism, specifically on the part of Stenger.

Victor, recently deceased as it happens [& thus with a new perspective on his atheistic Scientific Realism], put forth 2-sided “evidence” supporting the Multi-verse based on Cosmic Microwave Background [CMB] Anisotropy [not isotropic which means “equivalent in each direction” though not necessarily uniform or homogeneous, so that raisin pudding, well stirred can be isotropic even if not homogeneous like custard]. Stenger’s wildly speculative explanation was that the small CMB anisotropy reflected a “bumping together of 2 Bubble Universes” within a Multi-verse.

At best this speaks not at all to the 10500 number of unreachable universes, but only one. Yet such is still an unreachable universe so the wild “bump” speculation cannot be researched. Science used to be solely the opponent of wild speculation & still ism selectively, including when spiritual insights are involved. But under the current tyranny of Scientific Realism, self-serving untestable wild speculation is embraced so long as “robust mathematics” can be devised to support that speculation. But “anything” can cause slight Anisotropy, so as is often the case, the conclusion is greatly “under-determined”. Even Stenger brushed past that conjecture quickly. After doting on it just long enough to lend a sense of “multiple arguments” when he really hand only one technical “leg” to stand, but still a wobbly support in itself. Even speaking of a “leg” might be the wrong extremity when we notice that Stenger primarily flexes his BICEP in this thesis.

BICEP is an acronym for a 1, 2, 3 stage of development high-orbit telescope-sensing lab [not visual] project, chilled close to Absolute Zero for sensitivity. Scientific Realist interpretations of CMB Anisotropy served a premature pronouncement of a first Gravity Wave detection in some BICEP2 data. Corresponding to Photons, which theoretically are virtual Electro-Magnetic Force carriers & real Perceptions as Light-waves, so too Gravitons are virtual Gravity Force carriers, theoretically. No ultra-weak real Perceptions, Gravity-waves had yet been detected. Besides being weak, these would be faster-than-light in a Universe undergoing Inflation.

The data-fit is controversial so that later studies indicated that certain interstellar dust, rather than hitherto never-seen Gravity Waves would better fit the data. Subsequent studies, however, with “97.2% confidence ruled out dust & other contaminants as the source of B-modes” in the BICEP2 data. They did not derive from Gravity Waves either, but from “Gravitational Lensing” of the CMB by “intervening structures.”

Even if spot-on, the claimed Gravity Wave detection would only partially support Inflationary Theory, which only very slightly supports a Multi-verse. Even at that, the 10500 unreachable universes are not thus indicated, so that Random Chance Anthropic Principles are not in the least made more plausible.

[The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through  www.jpstiga.com ]



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