Self-Enquiry 2

What can be said about Existence ?

Existence is inconceivable, all the while free from & innately free from Thought. Such Being is Formless & indivisible so that we first have to assume, that Thought even has some kind of existence, before we need say that Pure Being, the Self is free from Thought. Given that to assumption about Thought existing in the first place, we come to the rescue with Self-Inquiry as to Who am I ? which reveals your Thought–free nature.. One’s True Nature is Pure Consciousness & not Thought. One’s Existence is self-known but cannot be something that is conceived, something free from Thought.

Only Delusion through Imagination connects Consciousness with Thought. That Illusion caused by self-Delusion, that Illusion of separate, real Thought alone constitutes Bondage.  Drop the Illusion, transcend any Thought about Existence & abide just as the Existence, itself, Reality.  Find that Existence is devoid of Thought.

What can be said about Thought ?  What is Thought’s nature ? [indefinable] What is Thought’s substance ? [nebulous nothingness] If we assume Thought exists, we do so by way of another Thought about Thought.

Without Thought there is no Duality. Existence is Non-Dual, without Duality, no possibility of Thought. Existence, the one Self is free from Thought, & the Self is devoid of Thought. Being without Thought, where can there be Illusion ? Where can there be Bondage or limitation ? Without Thought, where is Samsara ?

[The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through ]

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