Self-Enquiry 4

Self-Enquiry 4

                  With a Body, there is Suffering

Ecto-Morph; Meso-Morph; Endo-Morph or equivalently Cerebro-tonic; Somato-tonic; Viscero-tonic is a 3-way gunainspired Body-category scheme based on most characteristic germ layer or structure, indicating nerve, muscle, or viscera Body-orientation

To gain the state Eternal Bliss, devoid of Suffering, cease to Mis-identify with a Body. Ignorance is ever of the character of Mis-Identification & results in the Illusion of Bondage, experienced as Suffering. To destroy Bondage, we should abandon that Mis-Identification that constitutes Ignorance. Self-Inquiry, Atma Vichara is Inquiry into the Self in search of Reality. We might even call Desire for false sources of Happiness to be erroneous Atma-Kama. Maharshi would say that with cessation of Atma Vichara, Self-Inquiry, then Inquiry into the World, Loka-Vichara commences. The falsely assumed “I” is the Performer of actions in a World. Turning within to face that false self, such cannot be found & we face the True Self. “Bypassing” the Illusion, we reach the Reality by turning within to face the Absolute Self, the same as Knowledge & Consciousness.

The Body & its activities are of an objective, inert character. The false “I” knows pretends to know those experiences, but the only Knower is the Real “I” which is Consciousness. When not known, the Real “I” is mistaken to be the Body, to be Mis-identified with Sense experience, or assumed to be some Individualized “consciousness” or Mind. Be certain that anything that is objective cannot be possibly be the Self. Inquire into the True Nature of the “I” as Consciousness, ever the Knower, to be realized as unalloyed, blissful Being which is truly is Self. Inquire with full intensity & concentrated determination & desire to know the Absolute Truth. Having negated all that is objective, be unswervingly absorbed in Inquiry into one’s True Nature so that the Self is revealed. “Be as you are” should not be misinterpreted as Mis-identifting the only cognizing entity as anything in Space & Time.

[The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through ]

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