Being as Consciousness – some Master Nome comments

Being as Consciousness some Master Nome comments

 Spontaneous, off-the-cuff comments by a World Teacher [even if not so widely recognized as such in his/her lifetime] in response to questions in Satsang, are typically very deep.

 ” If you deeply, penetratingly inquire within yourself “Who am I ?” you find that you cannot possibly be a body; nor can you be an individualized or separated Mind; nor can you be the idea of “I” which is just an idea & not your essential Being, or the quintessential Consciousness.”                                                                           Master Nome

This perfect summary warrants word-for-word adherence. Examined carefully, without “body-image” prejudice, [typically stronger when the Body is self-appraised as especially beautiful, or the opposite], that trillion-cell, dying sack of unlikely atoms belongs in a zoo or biology lab more than in the center of your Mind as one’s actual Identity. Can I really be this salt-water bag, jammed with muscle-meat & neurons ? Where is my actual self in all that mess ? Where was that Body a hundred years ago ? Where will it be a hundred years from now ? If this Consciousness began decades ago, then how ? How do wet neurons “know”, how do they seen to think ? Will I really soon disappear ? Or could there really be some individual “soul” transported to some fairy-tale Purgatory jail-house, or worse ? Who makes this stuff up ?

How about some “Mind” that is a supposedly invisible, individual ghost that generates unsubstantial thoughts, each lasting for an instant, none with any way to contact other thoughts or some objective outer entities ? Materialist nerve-soup theories are just as flimsy. Am I what I think ? What is a Mind anyway ?

Then there’s that instantaneous notion “I”, the reference for each & every thought good/bad for “me”, close/far from “me”, & so on. Some inner certainty of Existence is doubtless. But what constitutes any actual self that “I” could refer to ? Can “I” be anything objective at all, or must it not be point to a pure Subjectivity that must be Formless, without boundary or separation, & notindividualized ? As for the true Universal, Non-Dual “I”, what does it “do”, how does it “be” ? Find “I” to be Pure Consciousness.

[to be continued]

[The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through ]

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