Being as Consciousness – some Master Nome comments [2]

 More spontaneous, deep comments by a World Teacher.

The bodies here do not make for a multiplicity of selves. The idea of “others” exists only in one’s Mind, as does the entire world. Trace this Mind to its source. From where do its ideas originate ? You will find they originate from a sense of “I” which is integral to every one of its ideas. Inquire further to see the core, or nature of this “I”. You will find its real “I” nature, the nonego state.       Master Nome

Hardly anything is taken for granted more than all the “others” here with us friends. Relatives, associates, people on the street & where we work. What ? Nobody here but us chickens ? [an old cliché  from a song title, an Our Gang phrase spoken by a racial stereotype kid hiding in a chicken coop, & a turn-of-the-century racial magazine parody long before that]

All Perception & Conception is thought in an unreal Mind, & that goes for our own Body & all the “others”. Oh, we are real & so are they all but as One Consciousness not as separate bodies housing separate individuals. If there was a Mind, an empty Container with no form, no boundaries, it would be like a 3-D graph-space with thoughts, somehow floating in the Coordinate Space. It is like a Coordinate Space in that each thought is defined with reference to a central Origin, somewhat as on a graph. Every indefinable thought has supposed meaning, only with reference to that Origin which is Ego. Like this metaphor, or with whatever other theory or nature that a Mind is supposed to have, can any such concept actually be Real ?

Penetrating deeply with Self-Inquiry, abide in “the core, or nature of this “I” … its real “I” nature, the nonego state the Absolute Non-Dual Self.

[The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through ]

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