Illusory Individuality – Samsara

The Being that is seemingly individualized is actually always infinite and undifferentiated. In the very space in which appears Samsara, the repetitive cycle of birth, Illusion, and death, is the infinite, the eternal. The very nature of the one who seems as if bound is Liberation. At the moment that you were born, no one was born. At the moment a thought arises, nothing actually occurs.

Where Samsara seems to be, there is really only Brahman, the infinite, eternal Being-Consciousness-Bliss, which, in Self-Knowledge, we know as our real nature, Always, there is just this one Existence, which perpetually is just as it is. Samsara, or the Illusion of duality and its consequent suffering, is the result of imagination. That imagination is constituted primarily of misidentification. If misidentification, which is ignorance, ceases, Samsara, or, Illusion, ceases. The Illusion, or Samsara, and any of its bondage and suffering, depend entirely upon misidentification. Such is ignorance regarding one’s own nature.

If ignorance is done away with, Samsara is found not to be anywhere. This is why it is said that Maya, or Illusion, is inexplicable, for, when we find its nature, it ceases to exist, For the purpose of Self-Realization, or Liberation from all of the imagined bondage, inquire into the nature of your Being. If it seems to be individualized, inquire into the individualized being, and the individuality, being false and an Illusion, it will cease to exist.”                        Master Nome

So if there really is no Illusion, no World, no Body, no Mind, no Individual Ego, then what up ?

One of any number of takes on the whole thing could go like this:

A notion of “other” seems to flicker in dimensionless, infinite Consciousness. But “other” leaves behind a “me” the Ego“I”. Other thoughts referenced to this false “I” make up a Personality, an Individual Mind. Mind pretends to function through a Brain, with Senses, all in a head-quarters on top of a Body that moves & lives on a planet in a Universe.

Yet just as every Conception takes up no space in that space-less Mind, so too every Perception projects “out” from Mind as just another thought & takes up no space either. The objects perceived, the World just ain’t really there. Only the thoughts & they’re no more substantive than the Dream thoughts that make up every Dream world we experience. Even when we think we enjoy a World, that’s all just an inside job too. Ditto for sorrow. Happiness feels very inside, just like Love because they’re both the same Reality Consciousness.

[Next time we summarize a way that thought constructs Mind, Time, Space, a World.]

[The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through ]

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