Fraction of a Shankara verse (part 2)

Fraction of a Shankara verse (part 2)

brahma satyath jaganmithya

Brahman is the Truth, the Universe is false.   Shankara

Master Nome’s commentary summarized Part I

By “Truth” is meant that which actually exists, Non-Dual Brahman. What is other than Brahman is not true, real, & is “Non-Existence” which does not exist,

Even if Non-Existence is imagined, then it is only Existence that is conceived & the negated. Furthermore, the “existence” of that entire mental exercise, the “existence” of  those thoughts, such is really all the apparent Existence involved, unreal & imagined in itself, as it may be.  Considered real then, those thoughts are only Brahman anyway.

On the other hand, if it should ever be imagined that Brahman does not exist, then that imagination itself must be Brahman if in any way it exists at all. The same holds for any “knower” who would entertain that imagination.  And so no imaginary, unreal, nonexistent thought or “existence” is an alternative to Brahman, but only Brahman itself once again.

Next installment on the Requisites:

4 requisites:



6 Essentials

Desire for Liberation

6 essentials:   Peacefulness, Self–Control, Renunciation, Fortitude, Conviction, Meditation

Discrimination, in particular

“Each of the four requisites is helpful to the inquiry to know the Self. Each of the four requisites supports the others. The order in which they are given is not to be construed as being strictly developmental or ascending. For example, though one requires Discrimination to become Detached (otherwise, one will not perceive who is to be Detached & from what to be Detached), it may be the desire for Liberation coupled with Conviction in the teachings that give rise to that Discrimination, which is further strengthened by Meditation & expressed through some kind of Renunciation on a basis of Peacefulness or Equanimity. Each may be considered separately, or they may be considered as one whole.”           Master Nome


Discrimination is to discern what is true. From deep thinking to inner experience, such leads continuously to Knowledge & Realization. Unless one discerns the source of Happiness, for instance, one cannot find more Happiness, or prevent the loss of any that might come one’s way.

Without discerning the Meaning of Life, its Purpose cannot be fulfilled. Wrongly choosing a “spiritual path”, if even getting that far, may unexamined ignorant tendencies, delusive notions, & patterns of conceptualizing.

Discrimination is neither sensory, nor mental but is directly derived Consciousness where Self Discrimination discerns the Self.  We all know how happy we are & that we exist. This intrinsic discernment is of the very nature of the Self. The path to Self-Knowledge is composed of Knowledge, from Discrimination to Realization.

“What is the source of happiness? What is eternal? What is real? Who am I?”  With more emphasis on negation, we thus sort  out what is not eternal, not Reality, or not the Self.  Thus Reality is left unobscured & Self-evident.

Discrimination also frees us of dualistic conceptions, unfruitful practices.  Distinguishing of emotional moods, karma, egoistic-tendencies, superimpositions, concepts, mis–identifications are matters of Discrimination.  Comparing & contrasting the immutable from the changeful, the eternal from the transitory, the continuous from the sporadic, the nonobjective from the objective, the nondependent from the dependent, the indivisible from the multiple & divisible, all require Discrimination.

“Discrimination gives rise to the other requisites for Realization. It is the cornerstone of spiritual advancement.”                         Master Nome

[The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through ]

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