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In Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Supplement To The Forty Verses he notes that “those who have got rid of their attachment to the Mind become One with That which is Motionless.”

All that is motion, in fact all that is “Objective”, [including the Mind itself], is a Projection of Thought. “Mind” itself is only Thought.  But Thought & its projected images have “nowhere” to stand, “nowhere” to be “stored” or assembled.  But Thought & its projected images have “nowhere” to stand, “nowhere” to be “stored” or assembled.  So a World of such projected images is impossible.  Moreover,  since each Thought has, integral to it, reference to its “thinker”, just as a Coordinate Point is defined only in reference to its Origin, the non existence of the “thinker” Ego [objectively defined by a Body] necessitates the non existence of Thought & World alike.

Those who believe themselves to be “thinkers” in a World feel they would be missing much without Ego, Thought, & World fail to realize that even now all are actually & simply Egoless, Thoughtless, Worldless, & Motionless, without realizing this of course.  Realizing this is Realization, is Liberation, is Enlightenment.

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