Formless (in the new format of “A, B, C’s”)

A) Advaita (Non-Duality) Absolute (Hegel’s term favored by F. H. Bradley but long known in the East as Brahman, Shiva, Dharmakaya, Buddha-Mind, Tao)

Since Non-Dual Reality is Formless, there are no limits or separations, for all such boundaries are “form”.

Prajnanam Brahma  Consciousness is Brahman.  Aitareya U. 3.3, Rig V

Ayam Atma Brahma  This Self is Brahman.  Mandukya U. 1.2, Ath. V.

Tat Twam As   That Thou Art  Brihadaranyaka U. 1.4.10, Yajur V.

Aham Brahmasmi  I am Brahman.   Chhandogya U. 6.7.8, Sama V.

B) “Big Bang” Brain-stuff (our Science interludes)

In the seeming Waking State (while not in Dream or Deep Sleep) Science can be said to be a “high” view, an insightful perspective on the Illusion (the Universe) from within that Illusion. If there is no World for Science to actually speak to, Science does in relative (non-absolute) terms speak to the Mind itself. Science models much of the Mind in a fairly clear manner. Depths of Mathematical Physics can be relatively awesome. Life Science insights like the Physiology of Perception can themselves be suggestive.

(Outline of the stages in Visual Perception, for example, are torturously detailed in the eBook referenced below.) For now, we can jump our present example of Visual Perception into the (manas) Mind locations, starting right back to the Calcarine Fissure, in the the V1 Visual Cortex of the Occiptial Lobe. Processed neuron firings are relayed doubly, up to the Parietal Lobe (depending on Right or Left) & the lower Temporal Lobe (the “thumb” of the raised “fist” when the Brain is visualized that way). Parietal kinda handles “location” of the perceived object, while Temporal kinda handles “identity” of the perceived object.

Originally in the Occiput, newly perceived or imagined images seem to be projected upon a “visual buffering” background screen in the Brain-Mind, like a “green screen” used in CGI cinematic effects.  At a distance, an apple may not yet be distinguished from a tomato.  Higher analysis of distinguishing detail is called the “what” system of that Temporal Lobe area, while determining Location occurs in that Parietal Lobe site “where” system mentioned previously.

“Display” then returns back in the Occipital Lobe.  Associative Memory is thought to contribute from the rear Parieto-Temporal boundary. Frontal Cortex Decision Making  completes composition of what we call “conjuring up an image in their minds eye.”  Such proceeds similarly for Memory, Imagination, or Perception. NLP may be relatively correct in link eye-shift to the upper-Right with Imagination & eye-shift to the upper-Left with Memory (somewhat of a lie-detector between lie & honesty). Thereby we mentally “look” at it & add details, one at a time.  Striking is the fact that, perhaps only in vividness, can imagined images be distinguished from Retinal perceived images. Even the latter is heavily customized by the former anyway.

Ultimately, Mind images are all we have of a “world” with no proof of a RWOT real-world-out-there.

Absolute Non-duality denies that there is a RWOT Real World Out There. Yet even the Illusion, a projection of Mind, is a an ephemeral reflection on the one Consciousness.  To run around with those Thoughts & run around in the World they create is the opposite of Enlightenment. Appearing to function in a World is fine, but Freedom requires recognition of that Ego-Origin, its falseness, its seeming “place” or arising in Consciousness, & then final identification with that Non-Dual Consciousness.

C) “Conceptual” Caesar –Tsar – Emperor – Benevolent Dictator – Philosopher King (Perception in Mind is completed by Conception, including the human world of socio-political issues, like Social Justice.) By artifice, the author takes up the mantle of Philosopher King, with resulting Proclamations, in each Blog.

For Goodness sake, brothers & sisters, stop hurting each other (though violence in particular is 99% male, brothers). Not an iota, a scintilla of Happiness can ever result. Even getting our way is an Illusion, it always back-fires, keeps us in Illusion, & blocks Happiness (to be continued).”

[The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through ]

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