A) Advaita (Non-Duality) – Absolute (Brahman, Shiva, Dharmakaya, Buddha-Mind, Tao)


The Self is inward, Most Inward, totally non-objective.  The Self is the Consciousness “looking out” & nothing can look at that Consciousness.  Trying to turn Consciousness in to look at itself is Self-Inquiry or Self-Attention or Abidance.  Who am I ?  may start as examination of the Individual one imagines oneself to be.  Under scrutiny [to be detailed in later Blogs], the EgoI vanishes, like dust against the brilliance of the Self, Pure Consciousness. Along with the vanishing, one gains direct “vision” of the Self, but not as an Object.   The Non-Objective is Formless, Limitless, not separate from all that is Real. [to be continued]

B) Big-Bang Brainstuff (our Science interludes)

SPECIAL VERSION (supporting part C)

Hypothetical multiplechoice questions:

(1) What could reduce huge buildings to white-ash so that not even a doorknob survived ?

a) kerosene (as used in lanterns) , AKA “jet-fuel” oou jeepers !

b) weaponized nano-thermate (like a super version of railroad-welding thermite, with sulfur), made in Lawrence Livermore Lab, “advertised”” in the movie The Rock

(2) How could a missile look like a plane ?

a) “impossible”

b) “secret” missiles, long after “advertised”” in the movie Battleship

C) “Conceptual” – Caesar –Tsar – Emperor – Benevolent Dictator – Philosopher King (Perception in Mind is completed by Conception, including the human world of socio-political issues, like Social Justice.) By artifice, the author takes up the mantle of Philosopher King, with resulting Proclamations, in each Blog.

Some say 911 was an “inside” job.  We note the those who reject the claim, out of hand, do no generally check the evidence & instead settle for abrupt de-bunking details, a half dozen of so, put together by conspiracydeniers.  The “inside” job evidence will not be evaluated at this time.  Rather the real driving motive behind the rejecting deniers will be looked at.

They’ll say: that’s insane, why would anyone have wanted that ?

They’ll also say: the government would never do something so evil.

They’ll finally say: who could pull that off ?  Conspiracies always leak & stumble.

Well yes, that one has more that 2,000 booboo’s recorded to date.

Looking at the 2nd reaction, let it be said that there is no “government” but only individuals, some of whom are capable of great evil. All other nations in the World would agree to that, regarding the so-called US “government”.  When “body-count” lead the News in the 1970’s, innocent men, women, & children, by the hundreds of thousands, were slaughtered in Vietnam. My Lai  was a show-trail, not the massacre exception, but the rule.  Those were the Rules of Engagement that maintained a continuous body count.  We return to Evil in Conclusion.

Looking at the 1st reaction countless reasons, starting with the “need” for a greater Footprint / Foothold in the Near East to enforce a say-so about the current & final last drops of Petroleum.  The WTC building were losing $35Million/year & the doubleimpact Insurance pay-off was in Billions.  Hundreds of Insider Trading case documents were lost in the vanishing of Bldg 7 that was never hit. Some of the Gold Bullion beneath was snuck back to the owners, much was kept as loot. Arms & Contractor profits in Iraq & stolen funds were many Billions.  A $2Trillion Dept. of Defense “disappearance” that was Rumsfeld-announced Friday afternoon was forgotten on 911 Monday morning.  The coveted Patriot Act wounding of the Constitution was another huge goal. Many reasons.

Back to the Evil the Ego is a slippery slope: torture, abuse, & neglect prove that so. Please eliminate the Ego ASAP.

[to be continued]

[The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through ]

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