Shankara’s Easiest Non-Dual Teaching {continued 5}

Shankara’s “Srih Advaitanubhutih” or “Non-Dual Perception”

(translated by Rmamoorthy & Nome, [with square bracket comments added])

The intent of this text is repetitive analogies that aid transcendence of the strikingly convincing appearance of Multiplicity in the World. Apparent objects are actually only perceptions of such “objects”. Perceptions are actually only thoughts. Thoughts are actually only illusory “waves” (vritti s) in Consciousness, the single Non-Dual Consciousness. The self-luminous & unmistakable Reality of your own Existence is the Self, the only Real,

[33] Even though only 1, the light of the Sun seems to be broken into many when filtered through a grid of netting, Likewise, even though only the 1, the all-pervasive Self appears as if many.

[34] Just as holes & such “deficiencies” in the net do not truly diminish or affect the light of the Sun, so likewise the deficiencies of appearing “many” do not affect the all-pervasive Self.

[35] When holes in a net are destroyed, the passing sunlight is indeed not destroyed. Likewise, when persons, places, & things cease to exist, the all-pervasive Self is not destroyed.

[36] As the Knowing Principle illuminating the Body, Senses, Life Force, the imagining Mind, the discriminating Intellect, Ignorance, & others mental functions, likewise, the Self illumines the Ego, the one who erroneously lays claim to these. Truly the “I” is not the Body, the which I objectively “seen” by the Self, nor the apparently “seeing” Senses, nor the nor the multiple Life functions. I am not the shifting Mind.

[37] The Self is not the changing Intellect, nor insentient ignorance, the Body, Senses, & so on, because they are at best temporary constructions.

[to be continued]

The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through ]

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