NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 15

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 15:

Prior to excerpting the other Ramana Maharshi disciple in the text below we continue the series: Fine-Tuned Universe 8, the premise that a small change in several of the dimensionless fundamental physical constants would make the Universe incapable of Life.

Fine-Tuned Universe 8:

[In the unreal reflection called the “Universe”, a product of an unreal Mind, even there, Infinite Intelligence is evident and inspiring.]

Going beyond the Weak Anthropic Principles (WAP) to the Strong Anthropic Principles (SAP) we hear: “The Universe MUST have those properties which allow Life to develop within it at some stage in its history”. For 1 some 3 SAP versionsm one affirms that:  There exists at least 1 possible Universe “designed” with the goal of generating and sustaining Observers”, a version favored by Hoyle.

Barrow & Tipler favored 2 other. One, with more religious implications, is Wheeler’s “Participatory Anthropic Principle” (PAP) whereby “observers are necessary to bring the Universe into existence.”

Another is Hugh Everett’s Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI), essentially the 1st Multi-Verse after Parmenides & other older writers, which says: “an Ensemble, Quantum Mechanically generated, of many other different Universes is necessary for the plausible existence of our Universe. Each Quantum choice or alternative creates a new Universe for each possibility. [Feynman offered a comparable version in terms of Time, “histories”, without requiring a Multi-Verse.] Everett launched his most fantastic Multi-Verse model to “undo” the Empiricism of Schrödinger & the Copenhagen Convention.

 In 1925, Schrödinger had constructed a Mathematical description of electrons as waves around the atomic nucleus, rather than as the discrete particles of the Bohr atom. The following year, Bohr used Schrödinger’s Wave Equation to construct (by squaring the Complex Amplitude) a Max Born Probability Wave equation expressing the probable position of a particle. The Probability Wave Equation gives a neat description of the light and dark bands in the Double Slit experiment using a beam of photons. Before it was observed, the particle was literally “nowhere”. Bohr’s Ernpiricist Principle stated that: “what cannot be measured, even in principle, cannot be said to exist.” [Multi-Verses clearly fail.]  This compares with Aristotle’s Empiricist Principle that there is nothing in the Intellect which was not first in Sensation.  Opponents to such a view prefer a more comfortable “distance” between Ontology [being] & Epistemology [knowledge] in Objective reality, whereas Non-Duality equates the 2 in Non-Objective Reality.

John von Neumann [inventor of Game Theory, the Computer, etc.] in his formalism of Quantum Mechanics applied Backward Epistemology: since we know Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Theory, and we know that the theory is highly confirmed, the World must conform to the Theory. Some criticize this as dogmatic metaphysics but Non-Duality might consider it an objective reflection of Non-Objective Reality.

Either an “observer” is needed to collapse the Wave Function in order, to actualize reality (PAP) or else, wave-collapse being unnecessary for actualization, the wave generates many realities (Everett). Reconciling the Discrete Quantum Mechanics with the Continuuim of Relativity, the greatest quandary in Theoretical Physics, remains to cast some doubt about interpreting Quantum Mechanics.

Some more selected verses from the other Maharshi disciple:

All these external appearances that you see in front of you are Maya. They have no fundamental abiding reality. To find the Self, to find what is True and Real, you have to look inside yourself. You have to find the Source, the place where all these mental projections arise. You are looking for satisfaction in the outside World because you think that all these objects you see in front of you are real. They are not. The Reality is the Substratum in which they all appear.

An elephant is made out of wood. If we see it as wood, it is wood. But if we get caught up in the name and form, we will see only an elephant and forget that its underlying nature is wood. All is your own Self. This form is different; that form is different. This is more powerful; this is worse. These are all judgments you make when you see separate objects instead of having the true vision that all is an undifferentiated oneness. There may be different varieties of light bulbs, but the current that activates and sustains them is the same. You must learn to become one with this activating current, the unmanifest Self, and not get caught up in all the names and forms that appear in it.

A verse from one of the Siddhas: “Because of your Ego you are going to the forest to look for spiritual light. You are looking for this darshan of light. These things are the illusion of the Mind. They depend on the states of the Mind and the functioning of the Mind. That which you are searching for is within yourself.”

Bhagavan wrote in Ulladu Narpadu, verse 11: “Knowing all else without knowing oneself, the Knower of objects known, is nothing but Ignorance. How instead can it be Knowledge ?”

All the information the Mind accumulates and all the experiences it collects are Ignorance, false knowledge. Real Knowledge cannot be found in the Mind or in any external location. The Mind sees through colored glasses, and what it sees is tinted and tainted by that color. If your Mind is in a spoiled and disturbed condition, the entire World will appear to be in a spoiled and disturbed condition.

If your Mind is crystal clear, everything will appear to you to be clear and peaceful. Your most important objective must be realizing the Self. If you have not done this, you will spend your time in Ignorance and Illusion. You, your Mind, this World — they are all Maya. Don’t become a slave to this Maya. Instead, realize the Self and let Maya become your servant.

Another verse from the Siddhas: “Many people have struggled years together to realize the Self. Millions and millions of people have struggled, looking for the light outside themselves. If these millions and millions of people have died without understanding the Self that is within them, it is because they didn’t understand the real Path.”

You must find someone who has followed the right Path, someone who has discovered this Inner Truth for himself, and who stabilized himself there. Such a one will give you good advice. He will not send you out on unproductive adventures in the outside World. Following the advice of someone who has not reached this state is simply a case of the blind leading the blind. Neither knows the right path and both will eventually fall into a big hole. You may find a fruit that is very bitter and decide to improve its flavor. But when you come home, the fruit will not be any less bitter than the day you started. You can carry your Mind to every comer of the country, but when you return your Mind will be in the same state as the day you started. Mind is not improved by long journeys to far-flung places. Instead, make an internal pilgrimage. Take the Mind back to its Source and plunge it into the peace-giving waters of the Self. If you once make this pilgrimage, you will never need to go looking for Happiness or Peace in any other place.

The Ribhu Gita advises us to remember at all times, “I am the Self; all is the Self.” The entire Universe is “I”. If you can keep this permanently in your Mind, millions and millions of punyas will come to you. There were many books that Bhagavan liked, but Ribhu Gita was definitely one of the best. He once said that Ribhu Gita is a book for one’s last life. I advise doing japa to the Self, either by repeatedly thinking about it or by repeating affirmations such as “I am the Self”. This affirmation is the greatest mantra of all. If you can do it continuously, without interruption, you will get results very quickly. There is no greater japa, no greater sadhana than this. The one who is seeking is also that which is sought. The seeker and the sought are both Self. lf you are not able to find this Self within yourself, you will not find it anywhere else. Searching on the outside and visiting holy places will not help you. Many people are visiting swamis, temples and holy places. Doing these things will not yield any good fruit.

For real and lasting results you have to look inside yourself and discover the Self within. You can do that anywhere. Keep up the meditation, “I am the Self” ‘I am the Self ’, and be completely surrendered to that Self that is within you.

All I will say is that wherever you in Life, don’t forget yourself. If you are still having some doubts as to whether this has been decided or not, don’t indulge in them. Do what you have to do and remember the Self at all times.

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