NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 23

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 23:

Prior to excerpting the other Ramana Maharshi disciple in the text below we continue the series: Fine-Tuned Universe 16, the premise that a small change in several of the dimensionless fundamental physical constants would make the Universe incapable of Life.

Fine-Tuned Universe 16:

 [In the unreal reflection called the “Universe”, a product of an unreal Mind, even there, Infinite Intelligence is evident and inspiring.]

Dimensionless Constants:

To Fred Hoyle’s C12  &  O16 nucleo-synthesis scenario, Barrows and is once co-author Frank Tipler and others went on to point out the existence of Intelligent Life allowed only narrow ranges for fundamental Force strengths, masses of various elementary particles, and the like. Beginning in alphabetical order (Greek alphabet), we consider further the Electro-Magnetic force coupling constant, the Fine-Structure constant  a  approximately equal to 1/137    a strong determinant of Atomic  & Molecular structure, and therefore Biochemistry and Life. Next in that same (Greek) alphabetical order comes the likewise Dimensionless Constant  Me/ Mp which is the ratio of Electron to Proton masses, approximately =  1/1836 . This latter increased a bit prevents Electrons occupancy of well-defined quantized positions so necessary for the subtle Biochemistry of DNA for instance. On the Cosmic scale, if the Denominator in  should increase ten-fold resulting in a value near 0.005  =  ½ % which happens to approximate  a2 then Star would not form. With  this same ratio  coordinates to allow the nuclear fusion that fuels Stars and leads to heavier elements. But  itself is constrained to far narrower bounds. The  a  =  1/137   value or about (7 thousandths) necessarily lies between  1/180   1/85  or ( 6 12 thousandths) if Protons are not to decay long before Stars could form. Fine-Tuned  as the Constants are now, no Proton has ever been seen to decay, they may be eternal. Likewise, another Dimensionless Constant describing the Strong nuclear force,  as  ~  1

For the prior range of   b   &   a (to the left) ordered Organic and Biochemical structures could not exist. Further on (to the right) there could not even be any Stars. A similar overlapping net-narrow range (~ compounded conditional probabilities) is seen after we plot the Strong nuclear coupling force constant  as  vs. interconnecting values of  as depicted below.

Once again we restrict the plot to allowed values and find: slightly diverging values include  “regions” of comparative values where “diprotons” (a He2 with no neutrons) would have formed instead of the important intermediate Deuterium (a Hydrogen with one neutron) and subsequent fast-burn of Stars and absence of Carbon and other vital Atoms. These graphical devices allow a visual sense of how 2 partially-dependent / partially-independent variable couples can be focused down to a minute overlapping range (~ compounded conditional probabilities) as seen for some of the fundamental Constants. When a dozen or more coordinate like this together the pin-point Fine-Tuning stands out as an extremely incredible coincidence. More examples will be offered.

Curiously John A. Wheeler (who promoted Einstein’s unpublished equation not only of E = mc2 but also Gravity-Mass with Space-Time) proposed a PAP participatory anthropic principle, a superstrong SAP that calls upon Observer-dependent Quantum Theory (Copenhagen II Convention) to make Observers necessary for collapsing the Wave Functions of the Universe into physical existence. Barrows and most others dismissed this PAP out of hand (though it is an insightful attempt to physicalize QND), often erroneously by claiming that Scientific Instruments qualified as Observers in Quantum Theory. But that blurring of the definitions is directly countered by the Schrodinger’s Cat gedanken experiment and John von Neumann’s Chain of Measurement. In that finer detail, the Instrument is but another Object and its information is actualized only when a conscious Observer reads that Instrument.

Some more selected verses from the other Ramana Maharshi disciple:

Your thoughts arise on a moment-to-moment basis because of your vasanas, but it is a mistake to think that you can do nothing about them. You can be interested in them, or you can ignore them. If you show interest in them, they will persist and you will get caught up in them. If you ignore them and keep your attention on the Source, they will not develop. And when they don’t develop, they disappear.

In Who Am I ? Bhagavan compared this process to laying siege to a fort. If you cutoff, one by one, the heads of the thoughts as they come out of the fort of the Mind, sooner or later there will be none left. The way to do this is by Self-Inquiry. As each thought rises, you ask yourself, “To whom does this thought appear ?”

If you are vigilant in doing this, the forest of thoughts will lessen and lessen until there are none left. When the thoughts have gone, Mind will sink into its Source and experience that Source.

Little conversations may be going on. A crowd of people may be congregating around. None of this is your business, but there is always a possibility that you will get interested in some or all of these activities and forget the reason why you are out on the street yourself. Don’t get excited by anything you see and hear. Just walk steadily towards your destination. Your vasanas are all the sides how’s in your head that can drag your attention away from your main business, which is being aware of the Self. If you have no interest in them, you will walk straight to your goal. If something temporarily distracts your attention, bring yourself back by asking yourself, “Who is interested in all this ? Who is getting interested in this distraction ?” This will deflate the distracting desire and it will bring you back to an awareness of your true purpose. Remember, nothing that happens in the Mind is “you”, and none of it is your business. You don’t have to worry about thoughts that rise up inside you. It is enough that you remember that the thoughts are not you.

Whatever kind of thought arises, have the same reaction: ‘Not me; not my business.’ It can be a good thought or a bad thought. Treat them all the same way. To whom are these thoughts arising ? To you. That means that you are not the thought. You are the Self. Remain as the Self, and don’t latch onto anything that is not the Self

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