NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 27

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 27:

Prior to excerpting the Ramana Maharshi disciple, Master Nome in the text below we continue the series: Fine-Tuned Universe 19, the premise that a small change in several of the dimensionless fundamental physical constants would make the Universe incapable of Life.

Fine-Tuned Universe 19:

Simplest Fundamental Constant:

Taking for discussion the classic Big Bang model (though other models support the same discussion in other ways), we see Space–Time of any number of Dimensions potentially arising out of the originally pea-sized initial Universe, with possibly 11 non-temporal String Dimensions overall. We discuss elsewhere the “curled-up” unmanifest quality of all non-temporal Dimensions beyond the ordinary 3-D Spatial Dimensions, and more comments immediately follow. Focus on 3-D in the most ordinary sense, this  D  =  3  is itself considered a fundamental, even Anthropic constants. Any 2-D World could not support the complexity of Life, and any 4-D or higher dimensional Space would host a Universe too unstable to support Life.

Let us assume that the 3 Dimensions of Space are visualized in the customary fashion [but all tinted blue], and let us substitute another color [e.g. red] for the 4th Dimension. [The Matrix cued VR scenes with dark green overtones, contrary to the bluer hue of “physical reality.”] Every physical Object is liable to change in color as well as position. An Object might, for example, be capable of going through all [mixed] shades from blue through violet  to red. A physical interaction between any 2 bodies is possible only if they are close to each other in Space as well as in color [redness marking distance in a 4th Dimension]. Bodies of different colors would inter-penetrate each other without interference … If we lock a number of flies into a red glass glove, they may yet escape [if they are blue] … able to penetrate the red globe.

Hans Reichenbach of the Berlin Circle (comparable to the Vienna Circle) Higher Dimensions:

As much as  D = 3 is an Anthropic parameter, the number of Space Dimension along with a single Time dimension, String Theory speaks of 8 other Spatial Dimensions compacted [as discussed elsewhere in this book] and unmanifest. Reichenbach’s hypothetical 4th Dimension alluded to above has a Spatial quality, but the Analogy could be applied just as well to the Time dimension. If a globe does not exist or stay closed in a Past or Future Time, then a fly who could Time-travel, or one we are considering to exist at another Time, can “escape” the globe which no longer constrains at that other Time [is not red or whatever].

Considered Spatially, Reichenbach’s 4th Dimension could be a now-manifest String Dimension much like a 3rd Dimension would be to 2-D flies constrained to a 2-D table-top. A fly who could soar into a 3rd Dimension “above” the 2-D table-top could “escape.” The crude Christianized post-edit graphics inserted into the Patrick Swayze movie Ghost showed “minions of Hell” arriving and taking away a sinner into “another dimension.” They simply “got smaller” and somehow “more distant” like the image of train retreating down the track. As they shrunk into nothingness, so would a fly “escaping” into a 4th Spatial String Dimension.

Some more selected verses from the Ramana Maharshi disciple, Master Nome:

In Self-Realization, all notions about the Absolute & the Self are relinquished. Notions about the Absolute are such as that it is separate from oneself, or objective, & that it is always-present. Notions about the Self are such as that it is endowed with Form, minuteness, that it is changeful, material, embodied, defined by thought, in Time, or endowed with Individuality. For Knowledge, the superimposition of the jiva–hood (concept of individuality) is removed from Atman (the Self) & Isvara–hood (idea of the Lord God) is removed from Brahman (the Absolute). Upon removal of such superimposition, or Ignorance, one realizes the Identity, as declared in the Upanishad, Tat tvam asi (Thou art That). If the Self remains undefined, it is only Brahman, & That alone. Therefore, one should know the Self.

The Knowledge of Reality, which is the Realization of the Self & the Realization of the Absolute, is attained by the direct path of true Knowledge. By liberating oneself from the mis-identification with what is not the Self, one knows the Self. When the Real Nature of what has been considered as the non-Self is seen, it invariably proves to be non-existent, for such non-Self was dependent upon mis-identification in order to even ever appear.

Blissful & Eternal is the Real Self. One should regard only that which has no beginning or end, is ever existent, is unchanging, is transcendent of all that has Form, of all that changes, & all that is in Time. The Self is also continuous & undivided as Real & one’s own true Being. By this Knowledge, one abides in the Natural State, which is the only True State of the Self. The Self may be said to call unto itself, as the Sought & as the Seeker; as the Guru & as the disciple; as God & as the devotee. The Self seeks itself in meditation. The Self reveals itself as inner experience. The Self knows & abides in itself for blissful Eternity.

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