Essay outside of the NMT (No-Me Teaching) series 4

Essay outside of the NMT (No-Me Teaching) series 4:


The later history of Quantum physics is marked by resistance to fulfilling the potential of its own revelations. The dullness of mistaken self-identification is at play as well, Specifically, most assumed Consciousness to be multiple & limited to the many separate, physical brains. So “Consciousness-created reality” in the Copenhagen Convention on Quantum Mechanics became muddled in confusion.  Here essentially is the Quantum physicist who has posited “Consciousness-created reality” inside his own Brain & those of other people.

But if Consciousness is formless, where & how does one construct a boundary ?  ESP, mass attitudes, herd instincts, & other phenomena hint at an interconnectedness of Minds. In fact, [looking ahead to a higher view that follows] no formless principle is bounded, for the boundary would constitute a form. No separation exists within Consciousness, or between Consciousness & Existence & Happiness & Love.

To rectify the proper identification of the role & location of Consciousness, first consider the “TV viewer” Analogy.  The TV viewer  watches “shows” the are the stories of his Life.  He can change “channels “& make other alterations but he does not “produce” shows or “broadcast” them. His selection is limited by his karma.

The self-doubting Quantum physicist may mistake “channel” selection for “creation” by Perception-selection. They argue, perhaps, that if 2 such “creators” sit at dinner, does one create the salt, & the other the pepper ?  Einstein’s similarly doubted that “a mouse could change the Universe, just by looking at it ?”  Again, all this is mis-identification of the role & location of Consciousness.

Their “‘TV Viewer” Model is riddled with contradiction until we visualize notice that the Viewer too, & his TV are but images on a Cinema Screen, as part of a Movie about TV Viewing. The sole audience is identical with the projecting light of Consciousness. The only substance behind the empty images is the Screen of Being, which is another way of alluding to the same Non-Dual Reality. Only with this true Identification of Consciousness is the Quantum Mechanical Measurement Question answered: Consciousness creates by knowing, like the Dreamer does, merely projecting images on the Screen of Consciousness itself.

There is no “creatio ex nihilo” or any true Wave-Particle Duality. The “Wave” part is a mathematical concept that parallels the symmetric beauty of even the unreal perceptions. The Wave-function collapses into an “adjective“, not a noun.  The Quantum Mechanical Interpretation Question is similarly answered: no objective thing exists to be a particle or a wave, & so between perceived adjectives there is no noun either. The answer is then that nothing happens between Perceptions,  Consciousness remains in itself. Vedanta has utilized essentially the same Cinema Analogy for millennia, back-dated of course to earlier media such an oil painting or a theatrical play.

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