NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 43

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 43:

This time, after excerpting the Ramana Maharshi disciple, Master Nome in the text below we continue to preface a return to the series: Fine-Tuned Universe series, we examine, not the Future, but now the Past of the Universe.

Some more selected verses from the Ramana Maharshi disciple Master Nome:

The Existence of the Self is Absolute & immutable. If the Ego were ever the Existence, as part of it or sharing in the Absolute Existence in any way whatsoever, Existence would be changeful & transitory, & would cease to exist. Being is always Ego-less & Existence has no Ego whatsoever. Where is the Ego ? The Ego is not in the World, which is unreal. The Ego is not in the Body, which is unreal & not the Self. The Ego is not in the Senses, which are unreal & not the Self. The Ego is not in Thought, which is unreal & not the Self. The Ego is not in Thought, which is unreal & not the Self. The Ego is not in the flawless, unmodified, perfect Self. The Ego is never actually experienced by itself & is not actually experienced in any of those factors like the World, Body, Senses, Thought, or Self. The Ego dwells nowhere. The Ego is not a thing in itself & does not reside anywhere. The Ego is not inherent in anything. The remaining possibility is that the Ego’s supposed existence is an effect produced by something else. The Ego is not produced by the World, the Body, the Senses, the Prana (vital energy), of the Mind. Those produce phenomena, sensations; physical subtle, & mental experiences; & thoughts. The World, the Body, the Senses, the Prana, & the Mind appear after the Ego is differentiated. And so they cannot produce the Ego since an Effect does not produce a Cause. The Ego is not produced by the Self, which is the Absolute. The Absolute Self does not produce or create at all, but ever just is. That the Ego is said to rise from the “origin”, of “substrate”, of the Self is expedient teaching intended to guide those desirous of Liberation to the Origin, the one Substrate, in order to realize its Ego-less nature. Such instruction should not be interpreted as the Ego “really” being born, or the Self actually giving birth to the Ego. The Ego cannot be self-produced, for to imagine so would be to suppose its pre-existence, which is absurd. That would lead to the consequent question as to what caused the “pre-existent” Ego. This, in turn, would lead either to the delusion regarding the effects causing the “cause”

Past of the Universe 1:

The GU Grand Unification Epoch is taken to have occurred just after the impenetrable, undefined. &  unknowable 1st interval of 10–43  sec, the “Planck” Epoch.  During the Planck Epoch, a virtually infinitely hot & dense proto=Universe “cools” to a mere 1032 or Hundred Nonillion degrees,

During the GU Grand Unification Epoch, it remains too hot for the 4 fundamental Forces [Gravity, Strong & Weak Nuclear, Electro-Magnetic] to be distinguished [hence “unified”]. The Temperature does drop to a “chilly” 1022  Ten Sextillion degrees, prior to re-heating [by thermalized negative Gravity & the Inflaton Field decaying into Particles].

Temperature cools back down after the Chaotic Expansion [60 orders of magnitude to a “grain of sand”], from 10–36  or 10–35 sec out to 10–32 sec . That cooling induced “phase transitions [like steam condensing] which breaks the symmetry of the GUT Grand Unified Theory or the Grand Unified Super-Force, breaking out Gravity from of the Unified 4 Forces.

Further cooling from NonChaotic Expansion Epoch [to 4 inches across or 1090  (x) the primeval Planck Volume]  cooling has dropped the Temperature to 1028 or Ten Octillion degrees.

During the succeeding Electro–Weak Epoch from 10–32  to 10–12 sec, the Unified Gauge Forces split off Strong Nuclear Force, by which Gluon Bosons bind larger Baryons like Protons & Neutrons.

Resembling later Dark Energy, this early negative Gravity produces the limited smoothness of Space, leading to galaxies neither too small, nor too big. There did remain a slight fluctuation in the Density Distribution of Matter, without which Galaxies, Stars, & Planets would never have coalesced.

The successive non-Chaotic, Chaotic, non-Chaotic Inflations cooled out hot & dense relic early particles like Magnetic Monopoles, Gravitinos, Axions, & other “hedgehogs”, cosmic Strings, & Brane Domain walls. The Electro-Weak Force [later to separate as Weak & Electro-Magnetic Forces] also breaks out during this Electro-Weak Epoch, ending at 10–12 sec.

Baryo-genesis [making Protons & Neutrons etc. ] has begun at the 1st femto-second, 10–15 sec, with the official Quark Epoch starting at that 10–12 sec. Combinations of 3 quark Leptons make up Protons & Neutrons, etc. The Hadron Epoch per se starts at a micro-second, 10–6 sec when all Quarks were forever trapped within Hadrons [Protons & Neutrons].

Hadrons are made up of specific combinations of Red, Green, & Blue Quarks, either Up or Down. The virtually empty Hadron has each of the 3 Quarks making up about 1/3  of the Mass, & Hadrons of course make up all but a small fraction of a % of all Atoms & thus all Atomic Matter.

But each Quark in size can be contrasted to a single Atom. The number of Atoms in my thumb is about the number of tennis balls I could crammed into a hollow, carved-out Earth, 20,000 km around. As tiny as each Atom must then be, a Quark compared to an Atom would have that Atom be an empty Solar System, 200 Billion km around just counting out to Pluto.  This represents the extremely empty Hadron. As to how empty the Quark [made of Strings ?] itself could be described we cannot say.

At about 10–4 sec the Universe was continuing to expand more slowly, as it does today, except that this slower Expansion appears to be accelerating indefinitely at this point in time. Addition of Space which comprises the Inflation & “slower” Expansion prior to & then after Inflation. This is not the same as the velocity of motion within that Space. And yet that “slower” expansion continued “faster” than the Speed of Light. So that in a sense, much of the Universe will ever be receding beyond our possible knowledge. Meanwhile, by the Age of 1 sec, Temperature had cooled down a Quadrillion times to a “frosty” 1013 degrees [Ten-Trillion].

From a hundredth of a Second to a full Second, Matter–Energy was an Ionized Plasma where Matter & Radiation were inseparable. But Radiation was so dense (a Hundred Billion kg/cm3) that no Light was visible, since each Photon interacted immediately. The formation of Matter from Energy is made possible by Photons materializing into Baryons & Anti-Baryons with their subsequent annihilations transforming them into pure Energy. Because of these Photon & Matter collisions & annihilations, Matter was unable to remain viable for more than a few nanoseconds before a bombardment of Electrons would scatter these Photons.

Known as the “Epoch of Last Scattering”, the Temperature had now dropped to that mere 1013 degrees, [Ten-Trillion]. Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, & Electro-Magnetic interactions now able to exert their Forces.  Odd Neutrons begin to decay to Protons, Electrons, & Neutrinos on a massive scale. This freed up additional Protons & also free Electrons that could combine with other particles.

After one second, the Universe had cooled further by a factor of a Thousand to 1010 degrees K [Ten-Billion]. Photons no longer had the energy to disrupt the creation of matter or transform energy into matter. Nucleo-synthesis became possible. The Universe diameter now approached a Quintillion meters 1018 m or a Quadrillion km. Before that 1st second, Neutrinos had cooled down and were not interacting with other particles, even though they had played a role in Proton-Neutron conversions that did occur later, and still do occur today in extreme nuclear fusion reactions. Neutrinos also play important roles in higher element synthesis aspects of Super-novae. The prior Proton-Neutron mass-conversions had occurred by hot-Weak-force processes that simple “froze out” at that torpid 1010 degrees K [Ten-Billion].

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