NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 44

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 44:

This time, after excerpting the Ramana Maharshi disciple, Master Nome in the text below we continue to preface a return to the series: Fine-Tuned Universe series, we examine, not the Future, but now the Past of the Universe.

Some more selected verses from the Ramana Maharshi disciple Master Nome:

There is no delusion or modification in eternally, changeless Self.  Possibilities of delusion or modification, have been already been negated by Inquiry, or reduced to an infinite regression. But the Self alone is Infinite, & Causality is not real. One cannot actually recall when this root of Ego, the root of Maya, began, was created or was born. Though there is knowledge of perpetual Existence, which is of the Self alone. For never was there a time when you were not, & never will there be a time when you will cease to be. Thus, the Self is ever the Unborn – neither coming from another state or thing, nor giving birth to any state or thing – & the Ego is unborn since the Ego never comes to be. This may also be regarded as the final significance of the Maharshi’s Inquiry as to “Whence am I ?” graciously given to show the method of tracing inwardly from where the identity of “I” derives, as well as “Who am I ?”

How can there be the Ego’s effect (delusion), as the supposed cause itself has never come to be ? The Ego is an assumption. But who assumes this assumption ? No one. Who knows the Knowledge of the Self ? The Ego “I” cannot know the Self, since the Self alone is capable of knowing. The “I” is inert & the “known” is a mere notion, a vacuous imagining, & an assumption that is non-existent. There is no Ego to be ignorant, or to be bound. There is no Ego to attempt to know the Self, or to return to the Self, or to unite with the Self. The Self is what you are, & it is innately Ego-less.

Fine-Tuned Universe 44:

[In the unreal reflection called the “Universe”, a product of an unreal Mind, even there, Infinite Intelligence is evident and inspiring.]

At 1st blush, Anthropic thinking can begin with an inference derived from our own presence, establishing 100% Probability of intelligent life [I] on this planet earth [E]. With the single data-point of our own Presence, we might speculate about the Probability [I] of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe [U] of earthlike planets. Thus, loosely speaking, & loosely symbolizing, we might doodle to ourselves:

[I][E]   ==>  [I][U]

[Earth’s intelligent life on  SUGGESTS  intelligence elsewhere]

Granted that the Number of earthlike planets is quite large, the Probability about which we speculated, [I][U] depends of course on the fraction of earthlike planets that will have evolved intelligent life, a fraction we have no way to meaningfully estimate. So if we qualify the loose symbology above into 2 alternative forms, one with the conclusion of High-Probability of [I] elsewhere, hi[I][U]; & the other with the conclusion of Low-Probability of [I] elsewhere, lo[I][U]:

(a)       [I][E]   ==>  hi[I][U]

(b)       [I][E]   ==>  lo[I][U]

Since each Speculation, both (a) & (b) is on the face of it as likely as the other, the single data-point of our Presence does not allow us to choose between the 2 Speculations. On the other hand, we might have effectively “zeroed-down” that “lo”to vanishingly small, which is to effectively to cast a Contra-Positive of the original generic Hypothesis:

n [I][U]   ==>  n[I][E]

But that Conclusion is contradicted by the simple fact of our being here so such a Contra-Positive could NOT hold True. Converting this back to the original again, which must be equivalent, suggests that:

[I][E]   ==>  [I][U]

is similarly False. But our statements concern Truths rather than Falsehoods, & loosely at that, & yet even this reasoning is suggestive of the disconnect between our single data-point & any Universal conclusion. [Contra-Positives can be less intuitive, like double-negatives, but they can clarify some vague issues. Our Presence suggesting Life elsewhere “sounds” reasonable. But if we check the Contra-Positive we see that no failure to find Life elsewhere will ever convince US that We do not exist. Therefore, we best be cautious about using our Presence to imply Life elsewhere any further than that it “could happen.” Further examination then must focus on whether necessary conditions in the Universe are hard to come by, & how hard,]

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