NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 47

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 47:

This time, after excerpting the Ramana Maharshi disciple, Master Nome in the text below we continue to preface a return to the series: Fine-Tuned Universe series, we examine, not the Future or Past of the Universe, but back again to Fine-Tuning as such.

Some more  from the Ramana Maharshi disciple Master Nome:

The Self is just Being, pure Existence. It is not being this or that. It is just Being, pure Existence. Self-Realization is just Being. It is not being this or that. It is just Being.

Being, pure Existence knows no alternative. The Self is just Being, pure Existence.

Being, pure Existence never changes its nature. That which truly is never ceases to be.

That which ceases never actually is. That which truly exists never changes. That which changes never truly exists. That which is changeless is without destruction. The indestructible is only that which is without creation. The unborn is the undying. The unchanging is alone Being, pure Existence. Being never changes its nature.

The Self ever is just as it is. There is no time when Being, pure Existence is altered.

There is no time when you are not the Self. Primordial Being eternally is, is what you are even now. Immutable Being is Peace itself. For there is no time when Being is altered.

Just as it is, the Self ever is.

Fine-Tuned Universe 27:

[In the unreal reflection called the “Universe”, a product of an unreal Mind, even there, Infinite Intelligence is evident and inspiring.]

The whole gamut of Credence “re-consideration” arguments included in Nick Bostrom’s monographs can be readily turned around to support Solipsism, Design, & even “re-consideration” of one’s true Non-Dual Identity. Furthermore, within the Sim-Arg   & Anthropic Principles themselves, numerous thought-provoking surprises can tend to awaken the Mind from its diurnal sleep-walk called the Waking State

In any case, Robin Collins speaks similarly in terms of a Restricted Principle of Indifference which has the same egalitarian democracy of Numbers, all in an acceptable range being deemed equally probable. But if we have other Information (like Napoleon has) to prefer certain Numbers or ranges, we can modify our position. Whether it be arguments by Bostrom or Collins, the net result of this or these principle(s) is to display due diligence against Special Pleading, & instead to favor Objectivity & conservative limits. When still making the Argument within these bounds, the Conclusion is all the more convincing. Various other good points are made by Collins (& of course other authors as well), just one other for now, being his refutation of blanket Agnosticism applied to Anthropic Principle issues.

Collins reminds the reader that Agnosticism can be claimed when one has “no idea” regarding the Probabilities, & not just obvious ignorance of the precise, specific value of a given Probability [or because the claim is convenient]. Both Collins & Bostrom, & others speak in terms of Credence & less-than (<)  &  greater-than (>) inequalities where landslide quantities allow reliable estimation of over-whelming likelihood or unlikelihood. The general range of Probabilities has to be well known as quite vast in these cases. There remains no comfort-zone of Agnosticism here. One must pick a side: Design, Ensemble, or Brute Chance. [And to clarify the obvious for the unfamiliar reader: Ensembles of Kazillions of Universes are “necessary” for the logical [vs. illogical Brute Chance] Scientific Realist. One can only believe super-incredible Coincidence is “coincidence” with a whole lot of Tries available.]

Cosmic Coincidences in Constants of Nature:

For one thing, thoughtless Faith in some Future Technology or Theory is one of the pat responses for GlobalWarming–deniers  & those uninspired to lift a finger or spend a governmental dollar toward alleviating & solving human Population crises, disease, social & economic inequality, and so on. “Let them eat cake, let Science fix it” [while at the same time cutting government sponsoring of Science, hoping Corporate greed will magically find & adhere to the wisest decisions].

Another important issue in this regard is that of “future progress in Scientific understanding” is a also 2-edged sword in other ways. As usually invoked by the Brute Chance camp, there is an optimistic Futuristic hopeguess that somehow all the incredible coincidences of Universe Fine-Tuning will be later explained away by “future progress in Scientific understanding”, Future Science will find how all the Parameters just had to have the values they have, in agreement with Future Theory. Thereby, coincidence, Suprisingness, Fine-Tuning, &  Anthropic Principles go down the drain. This (vain) hope constitutes a large part of  Scientific Realism (better called scientific metaphysics because it avows mystical belief in theories in themselves).

They are eager search for the GUT  [Grand Unified Theory]  &  TOE [Theory Of Everything] which are to unify Physics & determine all Parameters to be just as they are from 1st Principles. But, on the other hand, “future progress in Scientific understanding” describes some unification that is already traceable from Thales to  Aristotle to Ptolemy to Galileo to Newton to Maxwell to Einstein to Quantum Theory to QED to Quantum Gravity to QCD to String Theory to GUT to TOE (leaving out many sub-steps along the way). All that March of Science History proceeds in a direction that could also be interpreted as refining the Universe’s or RWOT Objective reflection of Subjective Non-Duality.

Taking that latter leap & turning back within allows all the “inspiration” sought in Design Anthropic Principles to be upgraded from UQD [Un-Qualified Duality] to QND  [Un-Qualified Non-Duality] & fulfilled if the TOE should be a real TOE (like our half-joking amateur version). To merely conjoin Quantum Gravity with a GUT may not enlighten anyone.

The funding comes through because the last investigation of fundamental structure of the Universe Nuclear Physics, provided the reigning super-weapon. If research in Bio-Chem, Genetics, Nano-tech, AI, VR, IT, Robotics, Mind-control, PropagandaSpin, Physics, or Chemistry can deliver more super-weapons then the funding falls under National Security. [We see this evil intent in Jacob’s Ladder & the Aliens sequence up through the Prometheus movie.]

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