NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 48

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 48:

This time, after excerpting the Ramana Maharshi disciple, Master Nome in the text below we continue to preface a return to the series: Fine-Tuned Universe series, we examine, not the Future or Past of the Universe, but back again to Fine-Tuning as such.

Some more  from the Ramana Maharshi disciple Master Nome:

Being alone knows itself, the “I”-less “I” realized as “I,” forever undefined, the only Existence, the only Knowledge, the only Knower. Thus is Brahman, Absolute Reality, always present, unmarred Perfection, the unformed Void, attributeless Being, ever itself just as it is. The only Identity, the only Reality, Being alone knows itself .

Without any other is Absolute Being, formless & Non-Dual, the only Existence. Two that are Formless cannot be. Undivided, homogeneous, alone is Being. nothing outside it & no outside; nothing within it; alone is Being, pure Existence. Nothing comes before eternal Being; nothing comes after eternal Being. Without any other is Absolute Being, pure Existence.

The Truth of Being is solely Reality. Not from illusory things falsely experienced does the sense of Reality in every experience derive, but only from the Self, the only Source, the Real. Real Being depends not on anything else to be. Uncaused itself, the Absolute Self doesn’t cause anything else. Infinite, there is nothing beyond produced by it. Mistake not perception or conception for Existence itself. Reality is solely the Truth of Being.

Some more  from another great Sage:

Since every “thought” appears to arise in & merge into Consciousness, no such “thought” exists beforehand  & afterward. Consciousness is mistaken for the “thought” during the thinking, but is all that remains beforehand  & afterward [the unreality of Time aside for the purpose of discussion].  The subsequent creation of an entirely new thought, as though experienced some time earlier, is thereupon mistaken as “continuation” of the same thought.

Fine-Tuned Universe 28:

[In the unreal reflection called the “Universe”, a product of an unreal Mind, even there, Infinite Intelligence is evident and inspiring.]

Given acknowledgement of that hypothetical 2 or 3 or 4-edged sword, more of course can be said about the Coincidences themselves. At the same time, numerous technical details (including Physics, Mathematical & Philosophical details) are omitted in our brief reviews to stay with our Scope & Audience, not by assuming as accomplished, or eventual, the needed fixes of Normalizations, Infinities, & other paradoxical nuisance that beleaguer Fundamental Theories. We therefore do not accept Coarse-Tuning Arguments CTA opposing Fine-Tuning Arguments FTA, like the CTA’s of Paul Davies, etc., They are based on the Arithmetic of “infinite” ranges conceivable for a given Parameter. But like the several responses to Fine-Tuning, the kinds of Physics Parameters in focus for Anthropic Principles fall into a few broad categories as well:

 Observer-Selection effect not part of Multi-Verse:

 Observer-relative life-permitting (LP) fact that we, or I, observe a life-permitting universe instead of a non-life-permitting universe; ) what I call the indexical LP fact that this universe is life-permitting – or has some life-permitting feature F, where “this” is an indexical that picks out the universe we inhabit; and  what I call the existential LP fact that a life-permitting universe exists.

The Weak Anthropic Principle states that the universe we inhabit must have a life-permitting structure, appears to be enough to make the observer-relative LP fact unsurprising.  With regard to the indexical LP fact, some philosophers claim that we cannot make a purely indexical reference to our universe but can only refer to our universe via an implicit description.  Thus, for instance, one could claim that “this universe” is reducible to  “the universe we inhabit,” where the “we” is in turn reducible to some other description such as “conscious observers with characteristics X,” where X refers to some set of purely qualitative properties.  If this analysis is correct, then the claim that “this universe is life-permitting” would be a tautology, and hence have an epistemic probability of one.

Everything that exists Mathematically exists Physically.                             Max Tegmark

Special-ness consists of our being able to glimpse a simple, unified explanation of the occurrence.  John Leslie

Collins defeats the murky logic of the Multi-Verse by:  exploiting the non-deducibility loophole for the indexical Life-Permitting fact.

Inflationary-Superstring Multi-Verse Explained & Criticized

By far the most commonly advocated version of the restricted Multi-Verse hypothesis is the “multiverse-generator” version that claims that our universe was generated by some physical process that produces an enormous number of universes with different initial conditions, values for the constants of nature, and even lower-level laws.  Many scenarios have been proposed – such as the oscillating big bang model and Lee Smolin’s claim that many universes are generated via black holes. Among these, the one based on inflationary cosmology conjoined with superstring theory is by far the most widely discussed and advocated, since this is the only one that goes beyond mere speculation.  According to inflationary cosmology, our universe started from an exceedingly small region of space that underwent enormous expansion due to a hypothesized inflaton field which both caused the expansion and imparted a constant, very large energy density to space as it expanded.  The expansion caused the temperature of space to decrease, causing one or more so-called “bubble universes” to form.  As each bubble universe is formed, the energy of the inflaton field is converted into a burst of “normal” mass‑energy thereby giving rise to a standard big-bang expansion of the kind we see in our universe.

In chaotic inflation models – widely considered the most plausible – space expands so rapidly that it becomes a never-ending source of bubble universes.  Thus, an enormous number of universes naturally arise from this scenario.  In order to get the parameters of physics to vary from universe to universe, however, there must be a further physical mechanism/law to cause the variation. Currently, many argue that this mechanism/law is given by superstring theory or its proposed successor, M-theory, which are widely considered the only currently feasible candidates for a truly fundamental physical theory. It should be stressed, however, that both inflationary cosmology and superstring-M-theory are highly speculative.  For example, Michio Kaku states in his recent textbook on superstring theory, “Not a shred of experimental evidence has been found to confirm . . . superstrings” (1999, p. 17). The same remains true today.  The major attraction of superstring-M-theory is its mathematical elegance and the fact that many physicists think that it is the only game in town that offers significant hope of providing a truly unified physical theory of gravitation with Quantum Mechanics.

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