NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 64

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 64:

Some   Ramana Maharshi quotes:

All that you need do is to find out the origin of the “I-thought” & abide there.  Your efforts can extend only thus far. Then the Beyond will take care of itself.

The Ego-Self appears & disappears & is transitory, whereas the real Self is permanent.

You wrongly seem to identify the real Self with the Ego-Self.  See if that mistake has come about. The Ego-Self does not exist at all.

To whom is the trouble ?  The trouble also is imagined. Trouble & pleasure are only for the Ego.

Take care of yourself.  Let the World take care of itself.  See your Self.  If you are the Body there is the gross World also.  If you are spirit all is Spirit alone.

Do it yourself 1st  then see if the question of others arises afterwards. 

There is no goal to be reached, nothing to be attained.  You are the Self.  You exist always.  No more can be predicated of the Self than that it exists.

Seeing God or the Self is only being the Self or yourself.

Seeing is being. You, being the Self, want to know how to attain the Self. 

It is something like a man being somewhere & asking how many ways there are to reach the place & which is the best way for him. All that is required of you is to give up the thought that you are this Body & to give up all thoughts of the external things or the not-Self.     

People say they aren’t able to know the all pervading Self.

Even the smallest child says, “l exist. I do. This is mine.”

Everyone understands that the thing “I” is always existent.  Only when the “l” is there, is there feeling you are the Body.

Knowing one that is always “visible” is one’s own Self, is it necessary to search with a light ?

To say that we do not know the atma swarupa [the real nature of the Self] which is not different but which is in one‘s own Self is like saying, “l do not know myself.”

The nature of bondage is merely the rising, ruinous thought “I am different from the Reality.”  Since one surely cannot remain separate from the Reality, reject that thought whenever it rises.

 You speak of memory & oblivion of the fullness of the Self.  Oblivion & memory are only thought-forms. They will alternate so long as there are thoughts. But Reality lies beyond these. Memory or oblivion must be dependent on something. That something must be foreign to the Self as well, otherwise there would not be oblivion. That upon which memory & oblivion depend is the idea of the individual self.

 When one looks for it, this individual “I” is not found because it is not real.  Hence this “I” is synonymous with Illusion or Ignorance [maya_, , or ajnana].

To know that there never was Ignorance is the goal of all the spiritual teachings. Ignorance must be of one who is aware. Awareness is jnana.  Jnana is eternal & natural, ajnana is unnatural & unreal.

 In Deep Sleep man is devoid of possessions, including his own Body.

Instead of being unhappy he is quite happy. Everyone desires to sleep soundly.

The conclusion is that Happiness is inherent in man & is not due to external causes.

One must realize the Self in order to open the store of unalloyed Happiness.

 lf a man thinks that his Happiness is due to external causes & his possessions, it is reasonable to conclude that his Happiness must increase with the increase of possessions & diminish in proportion to their diminution. Therefore if he is devoid of possessions, his Happiness should be nil.  What is the real experience of man ?  Does it conform to this  view ?

Fine-Tuned Universe 43:

[In the unreal reflection called the “Universe”, a product of an unreal Mind, even there, Infinite Intelligence is evident and inspiring.]

There is still much that we do not understand about nature. Ultimately the path is based on principles of Chemistry & Physics & Geology – that could plausibly have led from disorganized mixtures of inanimate chemicals to the astonishingly ordered, self-replicating networks of  reactions that provide the basis for life. The fact that we cannot yet understand how an inconceivably large number of tries at an extraordinarily improbable event might lead to “Life” is more a reflection of our limited ability to understand than evidence of a requirement for some new principle. But, having said all of that, we do not know whether Physical Science ultimately explains the origin of Life or whether the explanation will require principles entirely new. Science makes every effort to develop the explanation.

Science may ultimately be successful in rationalizing the origin of Life in terms of physical principles, it should be cautious & claim credit only for the puzzles it has already solved, not those whose solutions still lie in the future.  The central conundrum about the origin of Life – that, as an accidental event, it seems so very improbable is not one that Science has yet resolved. Claiming credit prematurely claiming, in effect, that current Science holds all the answers may stunt the growth of the new ideas that a resolution may require.

We do not understand how Life originated. Order from disorder !  How could it have happened ?   Difficult problems may take time – lots of time – to solve.

The Fitness of the Cosmos, “bio-centric” & “fitted” for Life, “fitness” & “fine-tuning”, raises the question: why can & does Life exist in our Universe ?

Zero-point Energy & the Casimir Effect

Vacuum Zero-point Energy  is vast, seemingly large. Naively, it is infinite, limited only by absence of Planck length short wavelengths.  One phenomenon that is considered as evidence for the Vacuum Zero-point Energy is the Casimir Effect, the quantized Electro-Magnetic Field between a pair of grounded, neutral metal plates. The Vacuum Energy contains contributions from all wavelengths, except those excluded by the spacing between the plates. As the plates draw together, more wavelengths are excluded & the vacuum energy decreases.  The decrease in energy means there must be a Force doing work on the plates as they move. This Force has been measured and found to be in good agreement with the theory.  A spectral “Lamb shift” has also been thought to be partially due to a Zero-point Energy effect.

Some more selected verses from the Ramana Maharshi disciple Master Nome:

If one is immersed in Samsara, the repetitive Cycle of Illusion, Birth, & Deaths, filled with Suffering, the way to liberate oneself is by Self-Knowledge. Liberation, which is the goal of spiritual practice, is one’s own if, inquiring to know the Self, he discards all notions of  “me” & “mine” attains complete certitude as to the Space-like nature of Reality, & “abides” devoid of physical & mental forms, & the assumption of an Ego-entity.

If the Self would change states, such as states of Ignorance & Knowledge, of Bondage & Liberation, that Self would be destructible, & Liberation itself would be artificial or unreal. Liberation is not a change of state from one state into another state.  It is not reasonable to imagine a separation & later union in relation to the Self, for then both would be transitory. Transience cannot be attributed to the Real, just as the unreal cannot be attributed to the Real, or the dual to the Non-Dual.  Since there truly can be neither later union nor prior separation, Liberation cannot consist of an Individual entering into Brahman or Brahman coming to the Individual.  The True Nature of the Self is never destroyed, is changeless, is uncaused, & cannot be obtained or lost.  Any new appearance, or coming into being of any state would be the Effect of a precedent Cause. Such would be changeful, transitory, & not self-existent. Such cannot be permanent Liberation.  Self-Knowledge alone is Liberation.  Knowing the Self to be oneself is the greatest attainment.  To wrongly assume the non-Self to be the Self is Ignorance.

The removal of the superimposed mis-conceptions of what the Self alone is constitutes the path to Liberation.  No other view is reasonable, since such always involves some Dualism, some belief in an existent individual experiencer & a self-existent objective thing. There is also then the conception that Reality becomes other than what it is, & that the unreal actually comes to be.  Liberation cannot be a change of condition, because such involves mutability & thus destructibility, parts or divisions, & a change in its nature.

Any belief that superimposition occurs on some substrate of non-existence, or that belief that Illusion can actually create itself, or that there is no Absolute Self, all such beliefs should be abandoned. This is because of the existence of Being itself is irrefutable. Furthermore, it is not reasonable that something could come out of “nothing”. Superimposition (in Illusion) occurs on some real thing, & this for “someone” who knows the Ignorance.  What is it Ignorance of ?  And who knows is the Ignorance for ?  If one so inquires, one find that Being alone exists, Consciousness alone exists.

Calculus for Yogis, part 7

Now in a certain version of   e  in what’s called “complex space”  describes a Circle even though we don’t see that in ordinary  x   &   y   coordinates, where we see a gradually rising  &  then rapidly rising curve.  The special “complex space” version is graphed as a Circle, often with Radius 1.  If we look, for instance, at a Radius heading to the upper right direction, & at the point where it intersects the Circumference, we can drop a Vertical line & create a Right Triangle that includes as a Base, the  x  axis.

The angle that the Radius line made with that x-axis Base can be called Angle  A .  To some extent  Angle  A   is characterized by the ratio of that Vertical line length to the length of X axis Base.  This “Opposite” side over “Adjacent” side ratio, called the Tangent of  A  is one of the ways to calculate the Slope, in fact the Derivative of the slanting line of the Radius.  This tangent of a, abbreviated as  “tan A”  & can in turn be considered the ratio of 2 other functions of  A.

The vertical line for this unit Radius Circle equals has a length equal to  Sine  A, abbreviated as  “sin A”.  The portion of the x-axis making up the Base has a length equal to  “Cosine A”.  [If the radius were more or less than 1, that proportion would be multiplying these functions, sin A & cos A, but have no effect on tan A.]

So whereas  tan A  is definable as “Opposite over Adjacent”,  sin A  can be defined as “Opposite side over the Radius”, the hypotenuse.  That  =  1   in this case.  The  cos A  can be just found as the  “Adjacent side length over the radius”, again just equal to that length because the Radius  =  1.

More meaningful than defining Sine & Cosine in terms of right triangles is to consider them as the Coordinates of that point of intersection of the Radius & the unit Circle formed by a complex space version of   e x .

In that sense some of this complicated version of   e  is composed of the  Sine of  x  & Cosine x.  We see this showing up in the (Power Series) Polynomial Infinite Series for sin  x  &  cos x .

Recall that:

e x   =  Σ   x n / n !       =    1   +  x    +   x 2 / 2 !    +   x 3 / 3 !     +    ….

n  = 0

& now we compare that to:

sin x  = Σ (1)n  x 2n+1 / (2n+1) /=   x  –   x 3 / 3 !  +   x 5 / 5 !  x 7 / 7 !  .

n  = 0

cos x  =  Σ  (1)n  x 2n / 2n !  =  1   –   x 2 / 2 !   +   x 4 / 4 !   –   x 6 / 6 !  ….

n  = 0

Again, the alternating Minus signs arise out of the “complex space” relationship.

Thus we reduce more complicated Exponential & Trigonometric functions to more ordinary Polynomial terms & compare the Polynomial series for  e x  with the Polynomial series for  sin x  &  cos x  because we know how to take the Derivative of those terms.

We previously took the Derivative of that expression for  e x ,  term by term, to show that the Derivative the of each of terms numerically goes back to, is equal to our initial  e  .

Doing the same for  sin x  &  cos x,  we find that the Derivative each of terms goes back to terms of the other Series,  sin x  to  cos x,  &  vice versa. except that the Minus signs are reversed in the 2nd case.  That is, the exercise shows that: the Derivative of   sin x  is =   cos x,  &  the Derivative of  cos x  is  =   –   sin x .

We saw that we can look at the inverse of the Derivative, in a matter speaking, which is called the Integral, with the so-called “indefinite” Integral. We truly have that inverse to within a added constant, leaving that added constant out, or making it be a 0,  Then we can treat the Indefinite Integral as if it was the inverse of the Derivative.

So looking at a couple of Polynomials like  7 x2  +  4 x  + 3,  we saw that the Derivative is 14 x  +  4 , & for Integral we go the other way to:  7/3 x3  +  4/2 x  + 3x  +  a constant.

Up until now we delayed introducing any version of the symbol for the integral because it’s unduly strange looking, scary, and off putting to the uninitiated.  But will simplify it by saying that the symbol is based on a big “S”.  In fact since it’s a Roman alphabet “S”, in a way. it’s less exotic than the Greek capital “S”, Sigma that we saw for a generic term representation of an Infinite Series.  In any case, that statement just above can be rewritten symbolically as:

d/d x [7 x2  +  4 x  + 3]   =   14 x  +  4                                        (Derivative)    &

∫ [7 x2  +  4 x  + 3] d   =   7/3 x3  +  4/2 x  + 3x  +  a constant     (Integral)

The Analogy we drew was that the Derivative is the projected Perspective toward Happiness, viewing toward the estimated Future, based on the immediate past average; & the Integral is an accumulated memory or record by which we define Reality & Identity , instead of the Happiness.  Looking at these rather complex looking structures created on paper, we van so peak at the Mind, much as elsewhere we compare the Mind to Mathematical Coordinate Spaces.  Math mirrors Mind.

Now there are special reasons for seemingly idle curiosity about sin x   &   cos x .  For one thing, these 2 functions are the building blocks of the many “wave” phenomena that we see in the Sciences.  Back in the area of Mathematics, but Mathematics very applicable to Science, the sin x  &  cos x  are also building blocks for the Fourier transforms.  Fourier transforms & Laplace transforms, Quantum Mechanical Correlation, & similar topics will also be introduced by taking a closer look at the Integral in general.

Derivatives & Integrals can often be determined by systematic rules, like the Power Rule such as is the case for Polynomials.  But in other cases when we take the Integral, solving is more of an art form,  Detective intuition, trial & error, & so forth yield some basic processes, one being Integration by Parts.  We pause in our discussion to look at Integration by parts because it will serve as a foundation for the idea of a Transform.

What we will see is actually closer in form to Conjugate Variables in Quantum Mechanics, which are the basis for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Quantum Mechanics also uses the Fourier transform to move from ordinary Distance Space to a Transform of that, called Momentum Space. And so with these motivations we will look at Integration by Parts.

The above themes & 1600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through:  



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[But from now on, they will be different & still usually daily.]

There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.”   the “no creation” school of Gaudapada, Shankara, Ramana, Nome Ajata Vada

for very succinct summary of the teaching & practice, see:  www.ajatavada.com/

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