NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 77

NMT (No-Me Teaching) new series 77:

Some   Ramana Maharshi quotes:

If without wasting time one starts & keeps up steady Self-inquiry, one’s life becomes at once ennobled, one is no more this wretched Body & there wells up within one’s heart a sea of Bliss Supreme.

Oh mind, you wander far in search of Bliss not knowing your Natural State of Freedom. Your home of infinite Bliss you will regain if only you go back the way you came.

After we have renounced whatever can be renounced, That which abides, &  cannot be renounced, is True Being shining in the Heart, the fount, the flood of Bliss.

A woman with a necklace round her neck imagines it is lost, &  After long search elsewhere touches her own neck &  there finds it; even so, the Self is here within. Probe for it there & find it.

Our Real Being, the Sun that never can see the Darkness of Illusion, knows no trace of pain or suffering. Misery is what one brings upon oneself by fondly thinking that one is the Body, not the Self.

There never is non-being for the Self which is Awareness pure. When relative knowledge ends, when false, conceptual duality is no more, the Self whose Being is Awareness does not cease to be.

When the false notion “I am the Body” dies, what abides is what’s worth having, the vast, bright, silent Void, the Self. Why is it so ?  Because in Truth the only state free from all pain & all desire is pure Self-Being. 

Bliss is the very nature of the Self.  The Self is the infinitude of Bliss.  All Being is but Bliss.  Knowing this firmly, in the Self abide enjoying Bliss for ever. .

Based on the Teachings of a great Sage:

Even if for argument’s sake we admitted the latent existence of thought & the continued manifestation of a Waking-Body in profound Deep Dreamless Sleep, the fact remains that in order to be conscious of Sensations affecting the Waking-Body, we must already be awake.

Mental action is not continuous.  Each Thought, Feeling or Sensory Perception has a beginning & an end.  It follows that between 1 conscious mentation & another there is an Interval.  From the Dualistic point of view, the Interval will appear to be infinitesimally brief.  But in itself, the Interval transcends the notion of Time, Time being experienced only when there is mental activity.  Here there is none & so it normally escapes our attention.  If we try to think of it, the Interval will appear as a state of not-knowing.  Now this periodic suspension of mental activity is identical with Deep Dreamless Sleep, which we thus experience at every other moment, so to say, in the midst of Waking & Dreaming experience.  Non-Duality continues as the background of Duality. It may be compared to the “paper” on which “words” are printed.

Fainting-fits, catalepsy, total anaesthesia, trances in which thought subsides, & the sort of absent-mindedness resemble Deep Dreamless Sleep. That Deep Dreamless Sleep is of short duration relative to the whole period of rest.  It lasts normally from 1 to 3 hours; in the remaining period, objectivity is often present in one form or another.  It should go without saying that this reference to the duration of Deep Dreamless Sleep is valid only from the empirical [apparent] standpoint: it has no meaning from the metaphysical [theoretocal] standpoint.

Trances in which Mind is active, where visions, for example, are seen, or voices heard, no matter of what nature, & whether or not when asked what thoughts we are having, we can only say, “I wasn’t thinking of anything”, are similarly characterized by the absence of Duality.  All these are identical with profound Deep Dreamless Sleep & the Interval between 2 thoughts. Any apparent difference pertains solely to the state of Mind which preceded or followed them.

Some more selected verses from the Ramana Maharshi disciple Master Nome:

You fall asleep, & the body and the senses are not your concern. You still exist, but the body & senses are not your concern. Whoever was existing in Deep Dreamless Sleep is the same one who exists now. Why not become asleep while awake ?  In other words, identify with That which exists still in Deep Dreamless Sleep, unaffected by the pain ?  Your body still has the pain when you are asleep, only your Mind is not attached to it. Sleep is not necessarily an anesthetic, in the sense that it would dull the pain. It is just not in your Mind.

There is no memory of it. If you are deep asleep, memory disappears. You are not only liberated from the body & the senses, you are relieved of your memory, as well. Why not have that state even while awake ?  The one who is without memory, without time, without the body, without the senses, unafflicted by any of that, & quite peaceful in himself is the same one that dwells in you now. You need to know him.  For that purpose, there is Self-Inquiry. It dissolves the obsession with the body, the senses, the memory, & everything else that people imagine gives them so much trouble.  Inquire to know your Self, your real Existence, & you will not be obsessed with anything.  You will be at ease.

Direct experience means without an intermediary. It is not expe­rience that comes from outside.  Indeed, for one who is inquiring there comes the understanding that nothing comes from the outside.

Calculus for Yogis, part 15:

some Probability Calculus:

As in Quantum Mechanical Probabilities, we see Exponential with both Real & Imaginary arguments playing a role in ordinary probabilities such as found in the Gaussian Integral:

f (t)   =   1/f (xest ds   , taken from   ∞   to   +  

Furthermore the pattern of an integral of a product is seen in the Fourier transform of that Gaussian Integral:

F (s)   =   ∫ f (te–st dx   , taken from  –  ∞  to 

When   x appears in the argument of the exponential, there is a surprising appearance of other Transcendental numbers such as π,.  [Another Transcendental number often comes in, one to be soon introduced.]

√π   =   exp (x 2) dx   , taken from  –  ∞  to 

One integral of this type is the easiest of the so-called normal distribution functions, namely the Standard Normal Distribution function:

φ(x)  =  1/ √2π  exp (1/2 x 2)

More generally, the Normal [Bell Curve] Distribution function appears as:

f (x ; μ, σ 2)   =   1/ σ√2  exp [(x–μ/σ√2)2]     with mean [average]  μ

& “Standard Deviation” [square root of Variance]  σ.

This Standard Deviation  σ  is such that outside of 0/3%, virtually all of the probable outcomes in a normal probability distribution are within 3 standard deviations.  In fact 95% are within 2 standard deviations, and more than two thirds of within one standard deviation.  Among other things a standard deviation is the distance from the central peak to the point where there is an Inflection Point of the rapidly downward falling Bell curve, as it switches from Convex Upward to Concave Upward and begins a slower Exponential decline.

When Exponentials with imaginary arguments come in, various wondrous relationships occur for Exponentials, relationships that are staggeringly simple and yet profound, and not ordinarily predictable or explainable.

eiπ  =  – 1                    eiπ/2   =   i

Gaussian Integrals with Imaginary Exponentials also describe Probabilities, as in:

f (x)   =   1/f (xe–i t x dx   , taken from   – ∞   to    

The [variable changing] Fourier Transform of Normal density f ,  mean  μ  &  Std Dev  σ

F (t)    =    f (xe–i t x dx   , taken from   – ∞   to    

=    e–i μ t    exp (1/2(σt)xb)  

The Normal Curve Probability Density function comes back into Quantum Mechanics models where the wave packets, φ(p ) compose:   ψ(x)   as an Integral over possible modes –∞ ==> ∞ , in the manner of  a Fourier Transform:

ψ(x)  =  1/h   ∫ φ(p )eipx /h d

In Quantum Mechanics this “change of variables” from Distance Space to & from Momentum Space, making   p  conjugate variables as appearing in the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal.

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There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.”   the “no creation” school of Gaudapada, Shankara, Ramana, Nome Ajata Vada

for very succinct summary of the teaching & practice, see:  www.ajatavada.com/

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