Reality 78

Reality 78

Reality as It is (continued):

If we want to know Existence as it is, as Sri Ramana Maharshi says, we have to give up “the Objective outlook”.  Until we give up the Objective outlook, there is no use wrangling in the Mind, let alone arguing with one another, as to what is Real, what is unreal, what is 1/2 real & unreal, what is both real & unreal, what is neither Real nor unreal, or any other logical combination you can manage to imagine.  Such serves little purpose, & so in Non-Dual texts and in the writings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, those kinds of concepts are discarded. You give up the Objective outlook, lose the sense of Ego, & then you find Reality as it is.

What does giving up the Objective outlook mean ?  What you experience as Reality is determined by what you used to determine that Reality. What you consider to be Real depends entirely upon the instrument you’re using to determine what is Real, & that instrument is very much woven together with where you take your “stand”, with what you identify.

For example, if one misidentifies with the physical form, a Body, in most circumstances such a person would use the Senses as the determination of Reality & will see or cognize only that which is perceived by the Senses, regarding what is, not a senseperceived, as “not there” or as unreal.  Otherwise one thinks that if it is Real it is “beyond his experience”.

However, if the “stand” would change so that you would no longer identifies merely as a physical Body, correspondingly he would no longer take the Senses as being the determinants of Reality.  Then what would be Real for you ?  If you consider that all that comes through your Senses is not the Reality, or is only a partial “perception” of Reality, or is a mis-perception of Reality, such considerably expands your spiritual horizons.

Of course, this makes it much more possible for you to come to the Realization of Absolute Truth, because Formless Existence, Perpetual Consciousness, is not something that will come to you through your Senses.  Consciousness is realized by a different kind of Knowledge.

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There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.

  the “no creation” school of Gaudapada, Shankara, Ramana, Nome  Ajata Vada

 for very succinct summary of the teaching & practice, see:

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