Reality 103

Reality 103   the Absolute

Always there is One Reality, the Non-Dual Self.  All illusion arises without a real cause & vanishes in the Knowledge of the Self.  Self-Knowledge, or Self-Realization, is the Natural State, the only Real State there is. Existence is forever unchanging. The Self is the Source of all. All depend on It & appear in It.  It is the beginning.  The Self is That  which pervades all.  It is the actual Existence of all. It is the middle.  The Self is That into Which all dissolves. It is the end.  The Self being Universal is all in all at all times.

The Self is solid Existence, In-variable, Un-modified, In-destructible, & ever Still (mauna).  The Self is ever–shining Consciousness, the one all–pervading Light without a shadow. The Self is Bliss, the long–sought Happiness, the invariable Perfect Fullness (purnam), & the Bliss of the Sages.  Existence–Consciousness–Bliss (sat-chit-ananda) is the Self of the Sages, the Self of the spiritual aspirants, the Self of the Guru, the Self of the disciple, & the Self of all.

Knowledge is Existence, Existence is Knowledge. There is no Duality in this. That is, in this there is no Knower & Known, & no being one thing & knowing another.  There is no Ego in this.  This is Ego–less Knowledge.  The Knowledge is not a thought. The Knowledge is Transcendent Knowledge. In this Knowledge, the Self is itself the conviction  & the certitude in Itself.  The Self itself is the depth & power of Meditation upon that Knowledge.  The Self itself is the real Teaching, & the final proof of Itself.  The Self itself is That which is to be known, the Knower himself, & then Knowledge itself.  The Self itself is the Revelation that is in the ineffable Silence of Dakshinamurti & Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The Self has no States or degrees. The Self is not bound, no striving for Liberation, & not liberated.  The Self is never bound, & there is no separate state of Liberation.  There is in the Self no coming into being of Illusion, & no ending of Illusion.  In Self-Realization, no new thing has to be attained, nothing has been made pure, nothing has been produced, nothing has been acquired, nor has one been transformed.  What is that exists stands self revealed, & the possibility of Bondage, with its concomitant Suffering is no more.  Since there is no un-Reality & no one to imagine it, this is so.

In Self-Realization, there is no change of States between active & in-active or between thought & its absence.  Only 1, Un-created, un-changed Existence is Real.  In Self-Realization, there are no degrees of any kind.  There is not a Liberation while alive contrasted with Liberation after dis-embodiment.  There is no individual–”I”, no Perception of forms, & no disappearance of the Perception of forms.  In this Wakeful Bliss, there is nothing further to be accomplished.  The Self is Non-Dual, like Space, Form-less, Infinite Existence, Void, Un-created, Time-less, & ever–existent. It ever is just as It is, & It alone exists.  This ever is the significance of Silence.

The above themes & 2600 pages more are freely available as perused or downloaded PDF’s, the sole occupants of a Public Microsoft Skydrive “Public Folder” accessible through:

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Duplicate blogs (but with graphics) have been available on:     as  “Being-as-Consciousness, Non-Duality – new & final version” with link:

There is no Creation, no Destruction, no Bondage, no longing to be freed from Bondage, no striving for Liberation, nor anyone who has attained Liberation. Know that this to be Ultimate Truth.

  the “no creation” school of Gaudapada, Shankara, Ramana, Nome  Ajata Vada

 for very succinct summary of the teaching & practice, see:

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