No Body but Me

No Body but Me

prajnanam brahma

Perfect Knowledge (Infinite Consciousness) is Brahman.

                                                                                                   – a mahavakya

We may reach a point where Discrimination gets things sorted out, & then the thought comes about “where I’m going tomorrow.” But oops! There is no “where”, no “tomorrow”, & especially no “me”. So then what ?  Do we see no going to work, not getting out of bed; then what ?

Well, we don’t need Bertrand Russell to tells us we just got tangled in a confusion of “logical types”. But let’s forget all that & keep it simple. If “everyday Life” appears in a Waking State, as Pure Consciousness yourself, you remain as the Witness, if that much. Like some adventure or mis-adventure in a Dream, you’re never really in it.

More attention, or all attention can be returned to perpetual Self-Inquiry, which is perpetual Self-Abidance, which is Reality. If the question should be asked: “what about the one going to work, in that transient Waking State Dream”, well, he still goes, or doesn’t. He acts with more integrity, his Life becomes more harmonious, or not, but it all remains a Dream, composed of substanceless thoughts, bleached out against the radiance of Infinite Consciousness. Patterns in Mind called karma determine Waking Dream events but the Self remains untouched, somewhat like the sleeper does in his bed.

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